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April 05, 2010


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Have fun! And good luck with the house selling. I can tell you from personal experience that getting out of there during the first week is a wise move. Ours is on the market now, pending a huge move. Same, house of my dreams, house they first lived in. The first 2 weeks were crazy with visitors, and it was a major pain with the two 3 year olds (particularly since they still nap, but also making a house 'uncluttered'? With 3 year olds?). Sadly we have no offers yet.

Lots of luck with the house thing. Hope it's over and done with as quickly as possible. And what a fantastic idea to get right away and have a holiday. Brilliant. Your mind obviously works even in situations of extreme pressure!

I wish you all the best of luck with your house! We did that last year (almost to the day, or at least week) and we just crashed at our friend's house. A trip would have been nicer, but we got a suburban vacation instead, me and the babes. Fortunately our house sold right away, which was nice. Have a great trip!

Good luck with the house, and I hope everyone enjoys the crap out of Disneyland!!!

Oh, have fun! I think you're even going to get some nice weather for your trip. I'll give you my #1 piece of Disneyland advice- go around counterclockwise. I last went with a group of Kiwis. They instinctively turned left on entering. Americans instinctively turn right. We didn't meet up with the crowd and the lines for a couple of hours....

Oh how fun- enjoy Disney!!! I went 4 years ago with my grown friend (before having kids) and we loved it. Can't wait to take my kids with me someday when they're both old enough. Last time I had been there was in 1986. A lot has changed. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is now Finding Nemo. But much is still the same, wonderful stuff like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, The Haunted Mansion, and It's a Small World. It really is the "Happiest Place on Earth."

Hey Bella, this article came out on the NPR (spanking leads to more aggressive children) - was wondering if you could comment on it at some point?


Hope you are well!

Thanks everyone! I'm back but exhausted (which is how I always come back from vacations, don't you?). Will post ASAP, but just wanted to comment to @Bonnie: Yes, I'll comment on the article. That post is a long-time coming, so I'll bite the bullet and put it out there by next week some time. My short answer: Yup, spanking is linked to the development of childhood aggression. There's loads of data on this side, but the trouble is putting it out there as "objectively" and fair-mindedly as possible. I will admit that's tough to do for me, on this particular subject, hence my 15 drafts of the post on spanking and nothing to show for it...

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